Helping people find healthy, sustainable tools to cope with stress is my 

passion.  My goal is to make yoga and meditation approachable and friendly. 


I hold Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) certification and am passionate about helping those who struggle with addiction and anxiety.  Yoga and meditation have been instrumental in my own journey towards a balanced and heathy life, so it brings me such joy to share the tools that have helped me grow me over the past 20 years.  


Kundalini yoga has been one of the greatest gifts for me because it provides fast and effective relief when I need it and has helped me process deep emotions,.  I’ve had such a powerful and positive spiritual experience with this practice that I’ve decided to dedicate myself full-time to practicing and studying these techniques so that I can pass them along to my students.  


It is an absolute honor to hold a safe and sacred space for people to connect with their most divine selves.